When in Paradise . . .

This past weekend Fuse Jesus Community to a trip to the beach! We all stayed at a YMCA beach camp and had a great time. Upwards of 20 people went, all with a strong desire for unity, fun and a better understanding of Christianity.

Some of Fuse at the Beach

Some of Fuse at the Beach

We went Friday and had a great time riding the train. Some people went by car, but as you can see, we train riders had a

Riding the train

Riding the train

great time. I got a chance to speak with one of our youngest members. He is becoming very¬† with the church and his mother is an amazing woman of God. It such a blessing to have this family be apart of our church. This young man doesn’t have a very strong father figure in his life, but I feel the men in our church are providing him with that. It is such a wonderful opportunity we have, and a fun one on the beach.

We had dinner together there and did some rock jumping. I’ll have you know I didn’t jump from anywhere too high, but I did have a go at it. It was great just being with everyone and laughing. We played card games, told stories and just got to know each other better. It really helps to

Card Games

Card Games

build the unity of the church.

We also did devotions on the trip. I was encouraged by the discussions held by everyone. Even our non-Christian friends were asking good questions and really analyzing the Bible. So wonderful!! Many people in the church are really starting to feel connected and current members are getting passionate. I’m excited for everything happening here.


Worship on the Beach

I am also happy to call these people family. Through all the tough things going on back home, I always have a shoulder to cry on or someone to pray with me. I’m beginning to feel at home here, and I couldn’t imagine doing anything else with my life right now. I won’t lie, I’m hurt from all the bad news I’ve received from home, but I’m trusting God and His plan for my life in Japan.

I’ve been encouraged by Psalms 146. Today I’m just reading it over and over, praising God for his goodness and believing in His promises. I know He can care for my family too. If I’m needed I’ll go home, for a time, because I won’t abandoned Japan either. I’m committed to what God asked me to do.

~*~*~*~Prayer Requests~*~*~*~*

-First thank God for all the good that has been happening at Fuse. Woot! Woot!

-For my family to have strength during this tough time. That God will show Himself to my brother and will strengthen my mom and sister. Also to encourage me.

-For one of my friends here. He mother is very sick and losing a lot of weight. My friend took her mother to the hospital this morning. Pray for healing and the Spirit to comfort my friend.